EN VECKA KVAR till modellcastingen

Nu är det bara en vecka kvar till modellcastingen på Kulturhuset Spira (mer information finns här)! Därför har vi passat på att fråga vårt Modell team om deras tips inför castingen. Följande text kommer att vara på engelska.

What’s the rule when walking at a model casting: do you look the judges in the eyes, or not?
There are no rules! But a rule of thumb is: do what you feel most comfortable doing, and it will turn out just fine. Confidence is key.

What should, and should you NOT think about when walking?
You should NOT think about falling, but instead keep your head up and smize to the audience.

What song is the best one when practicing your (soon-to-be) perfect runway walk?
Easy: ”212” by Azealia Banks!

What’s the secret for looking like a goddess when walking in high heels?
Imagine that you are being pulled by a string upwards, holding your shoulders and arms back, and then picture a straight line in front of you. Alternatively, picture bacon chips in front of you and the goddess will come from within.

What’s your best advice for the model casting on Tuesday?
It will sound cheesy but it is so true: be yourself! We are looking for the whole package, inside out! And we are looking for a variety of looks. We will value charisma, self-confidence and walks, rather than sizes and length.